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Bending the Rules | AoIR 2016 | Humboldt University

Evolving digital technologies have necessitated the development of a rigorous set of methods for their analysis. Scholars globally seek to refine tools, techniques, and tactics for examining and understanding the cultural, social, economic, political and environmental entanglements between these forms and our everyday lives. 

Feminist digital research methods represent an opportunity to (re)frame the relevance of scholarly research in contemporary networked life by addressing power relationships in academia, epistemological choices, and analysis tools and techniques, not to mention in our very research objects. Drawing on feminist and equity commitments to engage with and substantiate intersecting points of view from various members of networked communities under study, this fishbowl aims to bring contemporary digital research methods to account. 

The discussion will be started by Alison Harvey (chair), Jessalyn Keller, Mary Elizabeth Luka, Mélanie Millette, Tamara Shepherd. If you are attending the 2016 Association of Internet Researchers conference, join us in FB-07, Humboldt University, on Saturday, October 8 from 11 am to 12:30 pm.